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Neuromuscular Stretch Therapy

The stretching techniques we use in our program make it one of the most comprehensive programs to improve muscle and joint function. This technique uses a combination of rehabilitative, therapeutic, and sports performance stretches that very few professionals have been trained in. Studies have shown that this protocol is the safest and most effective method for increasing the joints’ range of motion, while lengthening and strengthening muscle tissues. Additionally, tendons and ligaments retain their flexibility and strength. What makes the program so unique is how in depth it is, there are more than 80 different stretches covering every muscle group in your body from your ankles to your neck. Programs range in length from 30 to 90 minutes, and post stretching results can be felt immediately.

On average about 10-30 degrees of new movement can be achieved and is regularly seen by our clientele. This can accelerate flexibility and range of motion up to ten times faster than stretching on your own. Along with the progress made with a client during their sessions we make a custom stretching and foam rolling brochure for them to use at home to target the tight areas, so that every session more progress can be made. Achieving large flexibility and mobility improvements in a short period of time is possible for anyone, the key is consistency and sticking to a routine.DSC_0237

Improve your body. Improve your game