Q&A with Brad Schmierer, PGA Professional

Q. For middle age players, 40s, 50s, & 60s, what do you suggest they do to keep in the game? A. Well, walk the course when you can. The exercise is good. Also, stretching before I play helps me swing better and keeping a good stretching routine, this will help prevent injury. For me, working out and stretching are probably the best ways to keep my game consistent. Also, Yoga can really help too with controlling your breathing and quieting your mind. Q. In your experience, what types of therapies have you tried? and what seems to work? A. I've tried just about everything -  I've done Rolfing, Prolotherapy, deep tissue massage, chiropractic, diet, cupping, myo-fascial release, physiotherapy stretching, cold laser, and Egoscue method. For me, the best therapy has probably been your cold laser and your physiotherapy stretching program, which I do about three times a week. I also see the chiropractor a couple times a year - it helps me stay inline. Let's see, I've also worn the copper bracelets, tried the Q-Ray Ionized bracelet, taken Vitaplex - and so on, seriously, (laughing) I've tried everything. Q. Looking back, do you wish there was something you could have done in the past to help stay healthier? A. I wish I would've known more about nutrition. I think everyone should periodically get their blood work done, and hormone levels checked to see where they have deficiencies. I think people take too many pills and supplements these days and some of which can be avoided if they just get checked. These days science and knowledge of the body is far better than when I became pro in 1976. Q. In the last 36 years of being a professional, what are the biggest changes you've seen in golf? A. Equipment - I would say woods and balls have changed a lot. Definitely the woods, I mean they used to be wood! (laughing) Besides equipment, I would definitely say conditioning, back in our day we never worked out. There is a lot more swing analysis these days too, which I still am not sure about (I wonder if we would be better off not seeing our swing!) Oh, and the greens are WAY faster than they used to be. Q. If you could only do ONE thing to help your game the reset of your life, equipment/fitness related, what would it be? A. Stretching