Healthy Hips are Important!

Inflexible hips are the most common problem I see in people. Tightness prohibits full range of motion through the hips when swinging a golf club, decreasing speed and power. Rotation in the hips is one of the most important keys to an efficient golf swing. If your hips are tight and weak, you probably have a tendency to sway side to side rather than turning your hips back, which can lead to over compensation (reverse spine angle) in the backswing. If you have a job that requires you to sit for hours a day you are definitely in this category! Some simple steps to create healthier hips include foam rolling and stretching the Gluteus muscles, and stretching the hip flexors. Something as simple as stretching and foam rolling for ten minutes a day can eliminate lower back pain and increase mobility. Some demonstrations of these are easy to find online and should become a part of everyones daily routine.