Stretches to Coil Your Body Safely

Stretches to coil your body safely

Blog Breakdown:

  • We’re all built differently, so there isn’t one general “rule” for how far back you should swing your club.
  • Nevertheless, there are things you can do to coil your backswing for more power while protecting your body from lower back issues.
  • In this blog, Adam Swanson of Golfstretch Therapies provides tips on how to safely coil your body for more power, and why it’s important to improve your flexibility for this move.

If you’re an avid golfer, you’ve definitely heard the term “coil” before. Many professional golfers have perfected their coil from A) learning and practicing the proper techniques and B) having the necessary flexibility in their hips and mid-back to perform the maneuver. 

Creating a coil can be difficult for amateur golfers, and if this move is executed incorrectly, lower back pain and other health issues can arise. While it’s important to understand the proper mechanics of an effective coil, I believe it’s more critical for golfers to improve their flexibility to physically prepare themselves for this technique.

When I see clients attempting to coil their body properly, I’ll often notice one of two things: they’ll either move their hips too laterally or they’ll rotate their whole body too far with no tension. To effectively coil your backswing, you want to create tension and resistance in your upper and lower body, sort of like pulling a rubber band in two different directions. Think about it: when you stretch a rubber band and release it, you see it shoot forward with lots of power. That’s what you want your body to do as you catapult your golf ball toward your intended target.

There are a few simple stretches you can perform to improve the flexibility in your backswing and downswing. For these stretches, you’ll need to tie a resistance band or a bungee cord to a sturdy post or the top of your golf cart. 

The first stretch improves your downswing by utilizing the muscles in the upper body, chest, and core. Stand about one to two feet away from the wall/golf cart with your legs and feet planted shoulder width apart. Keeping your lower body steady, grab the middle of the resistance band (which is tied to the wall or golf cart) with both hands and pull the cord downward. Don’t use your arms to perform this stretch. Instead, rotate your chest and core to create resistance and tension in your upper body, and then hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds. Take some time to feel the stretch. Take care to not move too quickly, and don’t use a band with too much resistance.

The second stretch improves your backswing by stretching the arms and shoulders. Perform the first stretch explained above, and keep some resistance. Then, when you’re ready, pull the band like you would if you were swinging a golf club. Move into a full position at the top of your swing and then pause and hold the stretch for about 4-6 seconds. Feel free to perform both stretches 4 to 6 times to loosen up your muscles. 

Stay tuned next week for lower body stretches that also help coil your body safely!

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