About Us

About Golfstretch

Golfstretch offers a unique service to the community; to individuals who golf, and even those who do not. As a total Sports Performance and Wellness Center, we offer multiple specialized services at one location provided by people who not only have certifications in sports performance and golf fitness, but who are avid athletes themselves. 

Our primary focus is improving your quality of movement. This is the foundation for everything. When we’re not moving correctly, muscle imbalances and injuries occur, causing pain and affecting your quality of life.

We’re not like other performance and wellness centers.  No matter what sport you play or what kind of pain you’re experiencing, our screening protocol narrows down the exact joints and muscles that are giving you pain or limiting your potential. We then work with you on a program that is specifically targeted at your goals, including several beneficial therapies during your course of treatment. Our stretching program is one of our strong points and has helped our clients find flexibility and mobility they didn’t even know possible. 

There are many types of clients who come to us – those who are in pain, those who want to improve their performance and who are in pain, and those who want to improve their performance are just a few types. We have helped many clients find relief from pain, and helped countless others improve their performance and begin to enjoy their sport again. 

Fitness. Therapy. Performance. Call us or fill out the appointment request form to find out how the Golfstretch team can help you improve your body, and improve your game.